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Understanding your child to find their BEST college fit

Personalized Attention. Less Stress. Great Fit.

At Jacobs College Consulting, students receive

so much more than a one size fits all approach to

college planning.

From the start I spend time getting to personally know each of my students. I work to

understand their personality,

their educational goals, and their social needs, guiding them to the best college fit.

Together we work from start to finish 

on all aspects of the college search and

application process. 

I love the college journey,

let me help you love it too! 



My name is Misdee Jacobs. I graduated from the University of the Pacific with a degree in Broadcast Journalism/Communications, which led me to a 10+ year advertising career as a Vice President Account Manager in the automotive industry.

After having my second child I chose to focus on raising my children and community volunteer work. It was during my son's freshman year in high school that I began to research, self study, and learn all the complexities that go in to the college application and admissions process. I am now a full time college consultant with a certificate degree from UCLA with distinction and a member of IECA. 

I take a very small group of students per grade to give them the undivided attention they need, just as I guided my own children. 


Please reach out for my yearly packages and pricing. A 20 minute consultation

is free of charge. I look forward to meeting you! 


1842 Port Kimberly Pl
Newport Beach, 92660

949 500 6468

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